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Those are supposed to be brought up by hand—along with wheelchairs, and be waiting for you at the end of the gateramp. They are loaded last in the plane, and are the first thing to come off. Rampies fight over the privilege to run them up to the gate, so to break up the monotony of the every flight.

I would most definitely speak to someone about it. The groundcrew will most likely get an earful about it, and you’ll get compensated somehow, someway.

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Seeing as how you might be identified by your superiors as to the airport gate in the proof photo:

If there were,..and I’m not saying there are— but if there were Tug races that go on on the ramp, how fun would those be? and how many races have you won?

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Your mission is to now make a stroller that will stand up to the abuse. Make it out of carbon fibre, make a case that fits around the stroller, yet also fits in the gate check bag— however you have to do it. Get it made and you’ll make millions off of it. Hha Cheers

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Truly like old school tractor racing on asphalt; only way to get ahead is to have your shifts down perfect. Hha