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This AMA kinda sucked, answers are half-assed and all these mindfulness blanketed replies are a cop-out. A lot of people need help. Are you sure this guy is a doctor? This was a pathetic attempt, very disappointing. Go read through his replies there is nothing scientific about them, this guy sucks. Please get an earnest individual next time. I hate to be harsh but NPR really? 1/10

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Hello and thank you Dr. Santos. I have been really wanting to find an authoritative figure like you to help me resolve the following:

I just listened to an inspiring TedTalk by the real Patch Adams. Dr. Adams is the happiest person I’ve ever seen and he attributes this to 1.5 hours of daily exercise and actively choosing to be happy. This being said, Adams does not treat any of his patients’ psychiatric disorders with pills. With recent research from John Hopkins and other credible institutions exploring alternative and controversial therapies involving: LSD, MDMA, Ketamine, and Psilocybin; my question is 1) What are your thoughts on using psychedelics to address mental health, and what are your thoughts on the pharmaceutical solutions found and propagated by doctors abiding by the DSM V (or whatever is used these days).


If you have time for a second question, who are some of the doctors or authorities in wellbeing that you most admire, follow, and use to educate yourself? Thank you deeply!

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Wow. How did you find yourself owning a vr arcade in Tahiti?

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Awesome. Did you get citizenship? I am considering a move to Australia or somewhere warm but I don’t have a wife nor too much saved. As a Canadian do you feel welcome there? I’d assume they don’t have maple syrup at the local store, mustve taken getting used to.

Good luck with the business I would definitely check it out, and will if I can find myself on similar honeymoon.

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Awesome. Very interesting, I didn’t realize these kinds of places were accessible. Thanks for the info, I can do accounting work so if I can get a work visa that would rock, will have to see how long that process takes.

Hot climate wouldnt be too conducive for making cheese, beer or a lot of tasty things. That’s a damn shame! Potential business idea 😏 but id imagine the locals are happy with what they eat. Can’t imagine the police are as intimidating as they are in the states. But i could also imagine it being a place where they’d cut your hand off for smoking paka. It looks like apartments are reasonably priced for monthly rentals. When I was growing up cyber cafes were more prevalent and I loved them. Maybe you can have that along with your VR business. Get some jalapeno seeds and before you know it the whole island will be eating jalapeno poppers.