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Hey Bill,

What are your thoughts on animal agriculture and the promotion of a vegan diet as to reduce our impact on climate change?

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Do you actually care about the Gizmodo article and huge overreaction to it?

Articles about the drama have appeared in Forbes and The Examiner. Have you had any unusual interview questions from journalists?

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What kind of analytics do you get access to on the back-end of your videos?

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Except, unlike learning how to be a paramedic in German national service, for many in Eritrea it is dangerous work like digging mines, and international human rights NGOs consider it a form of modern-day slavery.

Of course, for privileged Eritreans it is more rewarding duties, hence the positive stories, like just one year of military service, shared elsewhere in the thread.

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That's a shame. Nothing like audience retention rates and basic demographics? Using analytics and data to optimise this content would be an interesting challenge.