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DovBerele9 karma

I visited East Wind on LEX from Twin Oaks, around 15 years ago. From what I recall, the gender ratio was skewed really heavily towards men at the time. Is that still the case, and if so, has it caused any noticeable social issues?

Did you visit any other communities before you chose East Wind? What factored into your choice?

DovBerele6 karma

It’s funny, I left TO years ago (because I was young and not ready to settle down somewhere), but when people who aren’t involved in ICs ask me why I think it’s lasted as long as it has, I always say “it’s the bureaucracy!”

At least for me, the way I was able to make the psychological leap to income sharing was that I could trust the bureaucracy had an inertia of its own that would keep things running, even if I couldn’t totally trust all the other people.

Takes all kinds, though.

DovBerele6 karma

That does seem true where I’ve seen very skewed gender ratios. It becomes a vicious cycle that’s hard to snap out of unless you’re willing to make a rule that says we won’t accept any more male members until we’ve had x number of women join, or something like that.

When I lived at Twin Oaks, there was a sociologist visiting, who was doing research about community demographics, including the gender ratios. Not sure if he ever published it though.