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Since childhood I had incredible bad eye-sight. Without my glasses, I can't see anything which is longer than a few inches away from my face. I have been considering surgery a lot - but here is the downside.

Professionally I am an artist. My entire career, skillsets and experience I have worked very hard on for the last 15 years, entirely rely on my eye-sight. My own eye-doctor told me; that the way you see color will remain the same, however your sense of contrast will change.

I am not sure if you know anything more about this. There are obvious differences between the average person to artists with a trained eye for colors. Contrast is also extremely important when working with visuals.

Right now, I am not sure I dare taking the risk - but on the other hand, but sight is so poor, I could very easily get into life threatening situations in case my glasses break or get lost.

Do you have any experience with this, know similar stories regarding this? - And would it be worth the risk?