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Doro-Hoa128 karma

The show goes out of its way at every step to misrepresent her. Many people came out of the show thinking she is exploiting big cats today just the same as the other scumbags.

Doro-Hoa56 karma

Exactly, my initial response was to love the show despite some misgivings about their obvious misrepresentations. When I saw what it riled up in people it pissed me off. People are so fucking dumb, it's irresponsible to do what the producers did.

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In that case I have a cat and could use $10 million to care for it. Please send in small bills.

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You think that because you have literally no clue what you are talking about. Carole sanctuary and her lobbying to end private zoos are morally consistent, you just haven't done the research to understand it. Her org is nothing like the for profit zoos that the other "big cat people" in the show had.

Doro-Hoa13 karma

Her husband ran the show and at the time they bred and exploited cats. She ended that, and now lobbies to make it illegal. The conspiracy theory is baseless. It's pretty unambiguous that she is the only one in the show fighting to end this problem.