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As a shortish person, I don't judge you for being tall. You could try to pick a good location if you want to be super nice, but it's not required. I try to get seats with less likelihood of an obstructed view, instead of going for closest to the middle or closest to the stage. Not going to blame other people for being taller than I am. Sometimes we have group discussions with other patrons before the curtain rises and try to arrange ourselves better, and usually people are very accommodating. At least the venues usually have the seats staggered so you're not directly behind someone.

What irks me is couples making out and blocking the space I was trying to see through. I don't understand why they bothered to pay for a ticket if they're not going to watch the show.

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There's always something. I tried matinees because fewer people are drunk, but matinees are full of crinkly cough drop wrappers and snoring. My favorite performance was one time when I couldn't sit in my seat because I had a terrible cough. The staff heard me saying goodbye to my family at the door, and they let me sit up in the soundproof booth alone. That was so kind of them.

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I was watching a play once where a heavy piece of scenery, a log-cabin style storefront, was being lifted up. One of the chains broke, leaving it swinging wildly on one chain, smashing lights and causing the actors to scramble for safety. They swept up the glass and went on with the play, with this huge thing hanging by one chain like the sword of Damocles, one corner of it just visible. Audience unable to focus on anything else.

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He is! Woot!

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I don't know where you are, but when we saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, all the ushers had terrible fake English accents. Did you have to do that (if you're not in England, though that would be kind of hilarious)?

Edit: Ok, Melbourne. So the question definitely applies.