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Doombringer22352 karma

Why are McDonald's french fries so limp? Any time someone gives me a McDonald's french fry it's like all of the insides had been removed and only the outer shell remained.

Doombringer22330 karma

I think for me it's because I love dipping fries in some type of sauce whether it be ketchup, mustard, sweet and sour, or BBQ and the McDonald's fries just don't seem to have enough guts to hold a good bit of sauce unless you get a couple of em. Now BK just put out a new fry and it's exactly what I'm looking for in a fry. Thick, crispy, and doesn't buckle under the weight of sauce. I also dislike shoelace fries due to the same problem of being unable to hold a good amount of sauce unless you use a bunch as a scoop.