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Has anyone told you that you kinda look like dude from Stranger things?

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I've been scrolling for days and this is the only answer i see from you.

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Sooo....correct me if I'm wrong, but if rent control advocates succeeded in their mission then the rent controlled buildings are doomed to decay over time and the neighborhoods will inevitably be blighted until these rules can be laxed correct?

If I own a building and am stuck collecting 50% market rate forever I have no incentive to do anything above the bare minimum to avoid liability. And if you extend rent control rules to new development, noone would build in that area.

Has there ever been a neighborhood that successfully opposed gentrification and came out better afterwards? Better meaning less crime, more businesses, and neighborhood renewal?

It just seems rent control is ultimately self defeating no?

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Can you TLDR it for us? What is he proposing we use as batteries? Dams? liquid metal bettery? Tesla power packs?

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Prostitution is legal in Australia. I doubt any human trafficking can still occur and can compete against a legitimate licensed brothel. It's like legal weed. Once weed was legal black market weed sales plummeted. Many people used to be able to sell weed as a side job, and it still exists but the black market is a fraction of what it was. I don't even think the cartel bothers with smuggling weed any more since it's been legalized.