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Doom_Lich9 karma

Weird one, but the confirmation picture prompted some thoughts:

1) Is taking pictures as a blind individual a strange experience? I feel like not being able to see the results and not having personal experience with the asthetics of picture taking have got to make the whole thing feel weird. (Though I guess it's such a part of our culture that maybe it's just something you get used to.)

2) How do you decide your personal fashion/asthetics? I assume you have an appreciation for the color, but there's so much to clothes ans haircuts beyond just that that it nags at my curiosity. Also: Why pink hair?

If I'm misinterpretting your blindness in some fundemental way, please correct me. I don't wanna sound like the people who think that colorblind people literally can't percieve color, but I freely admit that I don't really know how you percieve the world.

Doom_Lich3 karma

Well you should feel adorable, because you are. Keep rocking the pink hair, it looks good on you. :)

Thanks for the answers. It really sated my curiosity.