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Is satire dead? Millions will see your video. A large percent of those will believe your video is real. Tens of thousands will read this AMA or see the Snopes page.

In net total, those who agree with you already will find your video funny and those who you are skewering ... Will be driven further into their strange beliefs. Is it worth it?

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Can you talk for a moment how you pitched this investigation to your editors? Were they receptive? How long have you been working on this story?

May I also ask how do you question someone if you suspect they were involved in something negative or illegal without losing their trust or making them defensive? Conversely, how do you prevent being manipulated by an interviewee?

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Honestly that sounds a lot like what my vegan friends eat. But I don't know the climate change impact of the bazillion spices they put on everything.

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I will confess to harboring some mixed emotions at the moment

I hope your primary emotion is pride and bemusement (followed distantly by worry about the crazy world we live.) Your video is great, regardless of how some subset of the audience misused it. I just wanted to ask a confrontational question as I'm fascinated by the idea of fun/amusement versus harm (strangely, I think a great example of this are people who love shooting guns... while guns overall do great physical harm to society, they really are fun. Not saying your video was a gun, but same philosophical vein.) Thanks for answering sincerely.

This whole thing plays out in miniature on Reddit every day: Do I add a "/s" tag at the end of my satirical comment? How obvious do I need to be? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poe%27s_law

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If you have a surplus of energy taken in, it will be stored

Have you seen the study indicating that cocoa powder lowers the caloric absorption of consumed foods amongst rats? https://news.psu.edu/story/654519/2021/04/13/research/dietary-cocoa-improves-health-obese-mice-likely-has-implications

Obviously, simply eating less is less complicated than eating another substance to reduce caloric intake but can you foresee a future where we can hack our bodirs to absorb fewer of consumed calories?