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As a CEO

Not to be too harsh, but I'm also a "CEO". It took $50 and a couple hours to register my company with the Secretary of State. Doesn't mean it's a successful company, or that my word should hold any more weight than anyone else's.

If you want to differentiate yourself from any kid in highschool who signed up for a Multi-level Marketing scheme, I'd suggest following that line up with "I'm a CEO who employs X number of people across Y countries".

If X & Y = 0 above, I wouldn't suggest going the "I'm a CEO!" route, as it's a bit of a stretch. Until you're employing 25-50+ people, I think a much better approach would be focusing on your "small business/startup" opposed to pretending to be a Zuckerberg/Musk type. Just my 2 cents.

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Yeah, I remember the 'interests/topics'. I 'liked' some bands and video games back in ~2010, only to get auto-subbed to their page later down the line. It's even worse when the page pulls a complete 180 on it's name/theme to something completely different and you have to figure out how you "liked" some random political page you've never heard of.

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Thanks for the response! I totally get that. Maybe the demand for a "social-only" network is higher in my mind than it is for the masses. I'm sure lots of people go to social media to meet new friends, and not only communicate with ones they already have.

If you don't mind a follow-up question:

Will there be "pages" on this site?

IMO, this is where Facebook started going wrong. They stepped away from the social (one account = one person) aspect of social media, and instead allowed organizations (or a single person with a popular page) to share content with the masses. As we saw from 2016, it's incredibility easy to share disinformation when you have an account that can reach hundreds of thousands of users with a single post. The worst part about this is that anyone can buy or sell one of these pages, and you never truly know who's behind the keyboard.