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Good lesson. If you ever dial 911 accidentally STAY ON THE DAMN LINE. Tell them it was an accident. Avoid headache.

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Most cities will have a dock for port control that handles border control.

When you first dock in a new country, your boat is considered in "immigration quarantine", which is basically the same as that weird part on the wrong side of customs at the airport. Only one person on the boat is permitted to leave and only to go directly to customs officers with everyone's paperwork. They can stamp everything, or come visit and search you if they want.

If you don't show up at customs and they notice, they super freak out and will do things like confiscate the boat and all your property and arrest you.

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It will likely be very expensive for you.

Most jurisdictions charge $$ for an emergency ambulance visit, and you might get an extra charge for a fire department first responder too. If you aren't clear enough and the police show up, there might be another charge.

You're best hopping to the urgent care clinic and saving yourself $2,000.

If you're seriously stranded (at the bottom of a ravine that you cannot climb), then you should call 911 to be rescued.

Otherwise, if it just hurts a lot and you're not worried about bleeding out, call a cab and go to the clinic.

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Wow, very honest and transparent.

It's a tricky business, doing paid services for people who are feeling unsuccessful at..... making money.

But hey, the honesty is really welcome and I'm interested what you're thinking for next steps to enhance that?

I have lots of ideas for services I could do, but I reject a lot for this exact reason... because there's not enough money to support a professional standard.

Whats your next step?

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Also, morbidly obese 40 year olds have knee problems, hip problems, heart problems, back problems, and often a lot of obligations (kids, career, etc).

All of those things make t harder to change your habits and stay active.

Keep it up!