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DontAskDontTeII14 karma

Hi Christian, thank you so much for the wonderful app. Apollo Pro is awesome and you are a wonderful developer to continually try to improve things for us :)

I was curious though... is there any chance we could get a feature, like Slide for iOS or Boost for Android have, which allows us to “filter” out the type of posts that show in a forum?

For example, when I go on the AWW or NatureIsF**kingLit subreddits, I only want to see GIFs and Videos as I scroll down the feed. I don’t want to have to continually scroll through post after post of Images, Links, Text, Albums, etc.

Screenshot of Filter Feature

DontAskDontTeII9 karma

You are awesome! Thank you for the reply and consideration 😊

This feature, along with cross-posting support (fingers crossed for 1.9 🤞🏻), are the only two things I truly crave since moving over to iOS.

Btw is there any way to donate to you directly? I figure Apple takes out a 30% cut from the app tips and would rather 100% of it go to you.

Hope you have a great birthday and take care 🥳