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DonateYourMarrow222 karma

At most I will have 2 weeks of pain and discomfort and may get to save a life. Worth it.

DonateYourMarrow87 karma

I would like to know if it helped/worked more than anything.

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Out of 15.3 mil possible donors worldwide, 4.1 mil are from Germany

Now you're just bragging.

DonateYourMarrow56 karma

I will only be in the hospital for a day, possibly overnight. They said I would be out of work for 2 days and would have to take it easy for 2 weeks.

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I just found out tonight at 5:30 and everyone was gone. I will ask if they will donate the time, but if not I have sick time I can take. Reading other people's stories the time out varies from 2 days to a little over a week.