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The amount of time that I've had. I've tried to jam what should be about 18 months of work into 3 months of work. Personally, I've had to go to Oklahoma City.

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Someone has to stand for people who have made mistakes and/or who the government is pursuing in a wrongful manner. Even though I hate wearing suits.

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No. I believe everyone has the right to a great defense. Otherwise, we are all vulnerable.

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No. There needs to be some kind of corroborating evidence, however, it's pretty loose as to what constitutes corroborating evidence. In this case, Richard had $1200 cash on him. The prosecutor said this came from the murder even though there was no way to show that was true, but this is what constituted the corroborating evidence that was needed.

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This case has been financed through donations made on Richard Glossip's behalf. The donations have gone for the hiring of investigators, the costs of travel, and investigation. The most important thing that people need to understand is that very few Americans can afford the cost of a death penalty trial. That is why they're almost always done by public defenders. And that's why rich people never get the death penalty.

So if Richard Glossip can be killed by the state, we can all be killed by the state--unless you're rich.