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That came about when my son Spencer had a coloring book, and that was the Japanese inspired look we were going for when we introduced it in 94. My wife did the original art that we used on the original can.

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We work real hard at it. We give the value back to the consumers. Over the years we modernized our facilities to produce faster. When we started in ‘92 we ran the can at 150 per minute in one facility. Today we run over 45 facilities, and some run at 1500 cans per minute.

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When we originally came up with the design for AriZona my wife Ilene came up with the big Z to make it look cute.

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Not yet.

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We’re doing Hard Green Tea in Canada. The product tastes great and the can looks great and we are thinking of introducing it in America. We have plans to formulate a hard seltzer with some of our great flavors in the US.