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First of all, thank you for all the questions. I am thankful that you have written your questions here and for your interest about the event of the 21st. the world will not end. it is only a change of era. an era of the mayan calender ends, but another begins. because in this era of technology the people has access to information, but that information is not all good, you have to be selective on what information you trust. furthermore, you need to be able to discern.

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yes, it is true that there is a phenomenon that some elements of the indigenous identity are lost. But they would not be lost if we, the fathers of a family, teach our children well. Teaching them to value their culture, their roots, their languages, their vestments. We need to teach them to be proud of this, this gives them a unique badge of honor, and that is very important.

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in the mayan civilization, there exists a principle of duality, what asian people call ying-and-yang. There is an interconnection between different genders and their roles. So the powerful posts in the mayan culture are ruled jointly between husband and wife, so we make decisions together. because a family is led by two people- father and mother. And so we walk with two feet, not with one.

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the mayan civilization is very old and has existed for a long time. It will continue to existing, possibly in a different form, possibly we don't dress the same way as we did in the classical period, in the year 250 a.d., but the culture and the principles are thriving, in the region that I govern. I would like to invite all of you to come see us in Guatemala.

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Because it is important to bring the message of peace during the change of era. All the world leaders come together in this city, so its important to bring the message to these leaders about the change in era, because it is a chance for humanity to change our ways.