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Already have.

A little to the left of center and 6 inches in, which is probably why you haven't found it.

Good Luck!

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What kind of system is in place to keep track of this vast amount of historical documents?

That in itself seems fascinating!

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Shout out to respiratory therapists for their role in ventilating, tubing and life support management.

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No. If you have read any reports about this then all of them say that the families are being given absolutely no information and even being given false information so that the airline and government can cover their ass. That is why there is such an international uproar. Are you even following this tragedy?

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It doesn't matter in the slightest. This isn't a story in which creating awareness is going to 1help the situation find resolution. They do it for ratings. This takes away air time from important subjects that people can do something about. But, to be fair those news channels are misleading anyways. So in the end...it doesn't matter at fucking all.