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Dodgycaster3 karma

How do you feel about the different sales tactics employed and how they have changed over time? There was a period of hard sell where the BnM stores ended up losing my business.

Dodgycaster1 karma

Yeah I have really changed my mind on my local stores ones better than the other but I would be happy to shop in either tbh.

Thanks for your insight.

Dodgycaster1 karma

Yes I'm definitely seeing the switch. A few years back I walked into a shop and picked up a box as I walked to till the manager basically picked up individual paints he thought I would need without even asking me and pushed them into my hands. I just walked out but I always wondered how many people panic and just accepted tactics like that back then.

Thankfully the staff are alot different know. Though I find some of their customer service lacking, I bought some blood knights for AOS and they told me I had to buy the bases separately on two £60+ kit. I asked to return them and they gave me them for free. Why the song and the dance?