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In all your reporting and research, what has been the most fascinating and/or disturbing aspect of the "church" you've uncovered?

Follow up question, what is something that the general public doesn't know about the "church" that we really should.

Finally, How could someone help a friend or family member escape?

Thank you for your work and this AMA!

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Wow... I knew they were weird (understatement of the century), but... Children? Holy crap, that's scary.

This is child abuse and then normalizing it... I know the point is to raise more Scientologists, but it feels like at some point in this process the kid is just too far gone. And that's really sad...

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Why was everyone so up in arms about the census asking if you are a citizen or not?

Isn't the point of a census to get an accurate count of the population for taxes and welfare and stuff like that?

Isn't the point to find out how many US citizens live where?

Another question, what are some interesting population trends you've noticed from census data?

Thanks for the AMA!

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Some of those are really interesting, and some very sad. Poor Puerto Rico.

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Thank you for the insight and clarification!