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Why the hell is it seasonal affective disorder and not seasonal affected depression?!?!?!

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Dear Rosenthal,

I won't lie, never thought I would get a response to the question. Also, I know you being a psychiatrist might give you some proclivity to read into my username, but I assure you, nothing to see here ;-).

Since I got one response, I might just bombard you with a list of questions that I would love to ask an accomplished psychiatrist and scientist like yourself:

1) What first got you into looking into meditation?

This is a bit personal as I am a huge fan of it, and have seen with my own two eyes this shift in psychiatric medicine of "meditation is new age bullshit" to "meditation needs to be mandatory for the world!". For me, as a scientist, when I heard that the mind controls the brain, and read the amazing study showing that shifts in thinking causes real physical changes in the brain, I knew that this was the stuff. I have used meditation and self-hypnosis to a great degree in my own life, and believe it should be a huge core part in educating the future generations, which leads me to my second point:

2) Do you believe there should be a real major push to get organizations and schools to adopt a meditation period?

There was recently a picture on reddit of a police force having to do meditation for a period before starting their day, and this seems like common sense to me. How do you feel about trying to get this pushed world-wide, in not only police forces, but all service oriented positions, AND schools.

3) Would you agree with and try and make a real push to force schools to adopt a meditative period, say maybe homeroom?

I am a nobody (for now ;-) ;-) ) and this is something I believe in, in my very core. I believe meditation would work for anyone who gave it a real shot, but getting kids to give it a shot is a challenge, but it's something worth the effort, especially trying to implement it in a teachers curriculum, where they will also see the benefits in their own lives. I feel like getting a serious push from a consortium of psychiatrists and scientists would go a long way in affecting the kinds of change that would benefit society.

Thanks for answering if you do answer, but thanks for reading regardless!