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DocWllk6 karma

Do you trust the numbers that are being reported? Isn't is possible that the reality is even worse than what has been reported? Do you intend to continue reporting on this issue? Thanks for your hard work.

I think the comment from zerowhiteguilt sums up the disparity as well as anything could.

"When are black communitys going to take responsibility for the actions of their own? Cops are not perfect but as a whole , blacks are a cultural dumpster fire that need a someone to blame so as to deflect the complete failure as race. I hope they riot and get smashed, and the local shop owners open fire. Trayvon got what he desrved, as did the big fatty who bullied a store owner then tried to do a cop. Whites are armed, whites are fed up , and whites are going to stand up and push back really soon."

As long as this is America's view of blacks, and it is, the situation will continue to get worse. I think it is already worse than is being reported.

DocWllk2 karma

In an answer to another comment you mentioned allocation of resources, do you believe there is any way quantify the amount of surveillance that goes towards blacks and if this constant observation is a form of entrapment of blacks and negligence in apprehending criminals of other races?

Thanks very much for the reply and again thanks for taking on such a difficult but important issue.