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Oh wow, I would think that they wouldn't even try to fuck with giving those if it's a known allergy. I know I have an intolerance to vanc, but because it's a common intolerance (its actually called Red Man's Syndrome) I just get premedicated with benedryl beforehand and run it super slow. My team is super careful to not list it as an actual allergy though ecause they don't want it constantly redflagging in the system. Maybe they're thinking she just gets Red Man's with vanc since that's a pretty common response to the med? Either way they really shouldn't insist on administering it if you all are refusing. You can usually just literally tell them to chart it as "Patient Refuses" and that'll deter even determined nurses.

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Where did you attend your service dog training program? Did you have then help you pick out an appropriate puppy?

I have Cystic Fibrosis and it's always been an interest of mine. I'm not yet quite at the point to where I'd need one, but it would definitely come in handy as my disease progresses. I've just never knew exactly where to start besides my general training knowledge.

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That's good you all stuck to your guns and fired that nurse. She shouldn't have even tried to mess around with it after that first bad reaction. I know allergies can sometimes get less severe, but like you said they shouldn't even think about trying it without an allergist on hand with a horse-sized dose of benedryl ready to go.

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Mary Frey (she's on youtube) has a Standard Poodle named Ollie that's her service dog. As far as I know, he's the only CF specific service dog. He's training for support work so she can brace on him during a coughing fit and he can signal when she has low blood sugar. He also can pull her along when walking so she doesn't have to work as hard.

I was thinking it'd also be handy to have one to carry an O2 tank or help remind you to do meds and CPT.

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Thank you! I'll for sure check it out. I have a year old Doberman that I've been low-key prepping for it through general CGC and therapy behaviors just as training practice for myself, besides the fact that it's just good for him to know. As of right now I don't think he has quite the right personality to be a true service dog, but I also didn't buy him with that intention.

To my knowledge, there's currently just one CF specific service dog. He helps his handler by being a brace during coughing fits and can pull her along while walking so it's not as tiring for her. I think he's also trained to check for blood sugar levels. From my understanding they picked him out as a puppy and then sent him off for his assistance specific training as a one year old.

It's reassuring to know you've had so much success training Storm yourself:)

Did you pick Storm out as a puppy with help through your program or did you just happen to luck out on getting a dog with the right mindset?

Edit: Just started your blog and I see you adopted him at 11 months old and not a puppy. To rephrase: Did your program help you pick him out as having an appropriate personality or did you luck out on your own?