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That doesn’t sound like something I’d be interested in, but congratulations on making it big. Writing a movie that features Vince Vaughn and is on Hulu is quite an accomplishment. I hope that your career takes you to the top. My favorite comedy films (from the last 20 years or so) are definitely “Old School” and “Step Brothers”. V.V. was hilarious as Beanie. “Look at the baby...Look at the baby...”

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You forgot to include Adam Sandler in the cast.

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Wrong. Stereo Equipment.

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Yeah, that thing’s a piece of crap... What? I stopped selling it my store months ago...

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Ok, so let me ask you another. Do you think that it is possible that a significant amount of fraud occurred? Do you find it at all strange that the count was significantly going to Trump up until 94% (or however much it was), and then completely reversed in an extreme fashion after the count was stopped that night?

Also, why would a state like Georgia be unable to finish counting votes within 24 hours when other states who have a much larger population (and more votes to count) were able to get it done? I’m trying to understand why they were able to count 94% of the votes within 12 hours of the polls closing, but then took multiple days to count the other 6%.