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That's so weird. Just to hear that voice not on a commercial. So cool! Awesome voice! Now I'm going to have to listen to every commercial supper close so I can be like, "Hell yeah! That's the guy from Reddit!"

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Do you know anything on migraines, like what the current theory behind them is? I'm a 17 year old male and I get migraines all the time. Currently I have one that has lasted 5 weeks and just ended steroids with no results. I'm just interested in theories that could cause them.

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If you are still going, do the employees have to pay for the food? I swear I've seen it happen before, they got good, typed in a code, and got a receipt. I work at an ice cream shop and get ice cream whenever I want

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How do you feel about the media (big companies, such as CNN or MSNBC, not local news) being there, walking around in ruins reporting while you are working to try to save people? Because honestly I do not believe they have the right to be there trying to be emotional. I think only the local news have the right to be there. Also thank you, firefighters are the best!

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Have you ever done any kind of study on the connection between sounds and migraines? Also, do you know what the best set of headphones is?