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Hi! I used to work at Business Insider, so cheers! My question is: What is the best thing an employee can do in a situation when they feel their title/salary does not match their workload and responsibilities? I currently have almost the same responsibilities as my colleagues with more senior titled and salaries. They are older than me with more experience but we are all treated as equals and work on the same projects. I’ve spoken about wanting to work toward a promotion with my boss and she has been supportive and says it’s good to work toward but so far nothing. Besides moving on to greener pastures, is there anything I can do to prove I am worthy of the Senior title?

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THANK you. I went to CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and I got some amazing first-hand experience and contacts. It was like 16 months of an apprenticeship.

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Have you gotten your pets neutered and spayed?!

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Wow, I'm a moron and had a total brain fart. I meant that she was born normally and obtained polio from the vaccine.


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Thank you! I guess it makes it tougher when I pretty much AM doing the exact work of a senior position...I just have fewer years of experience. Honestly I just think it’s mismanagement.