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Bigfoot confirmed

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Not OP, but I'm an assistant professor at a medical university in the US. I have a PhD in Biostatistics and my research is in the design and conduct of cancer clinical trials.

This is a misleading title. Cancer is not like the other devastating diseases from the past that have been cured (e.g. Polio or Smallpox). It's far more complex. Cancer is not one disease, it's an all encompassing term for hundreds of unique "diseases" that work in a similar way. It is extremely unlikely there will ever be a singular cure, but individual cures for different types of cancer. What they say in these articles sounds great in theory, but as far as I can tell, they haven't began testing with human trials. Hundreds of research groups believe they find groundbreaking therapies every year, and the large majority of them fail in clinical testing.

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What's your favorite proof?