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Great story and congrats on the business! I looked at your website and your Twitterpated service caught my eye. I think it’s interesting that you offer advise to folks who are frustrated/confused about a women.

Have you ever had any adult clients that have the mind of a teenager and seem completely immature or hopeless? If so, do they ever get upset at you? (Or do you ever have to end the sessions prematurely?)

I ask because my Friend is having trouble with a girl. I think it’s completely his fault (things like stalking the girl on social media and texting her EVERY HOUR asking why she is on Facebook but doesn’t want to talk with him in the phone. Accusing her of being mad at him and he just wants her to say it, etc). I tried to explain to him why that wasn’t cool, but he just doesn’t get it.

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Looks like someone asked a similar question and you came though while I took a half hour to write this out 😜.