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This is very much a "I never had to experience this culture from the bottom" answer.

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Like I said, this is a culture you are ok with because you never had to actually experience it from the bottom after the company became big. Your job was never actually on the chopping block.

Your old company is a famously toxic work environment. Complaints about racism and sexism are rampant. Internal office politics are cut-throat. They get by because there's an endless supply of entry-level college grads who think Netflix will boost their resume when they inevitably burn out.

You ever wonder if maybe it's not everyone else who is wrong?

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This sub is entirely about product advertising and brand management. It is possibly the most astro-turfed major sub on reddit. I'm not surprised most of the comments about this are getting buried. This guy is here to sell podcast where he gives people advice. They aren't going to let people point out that he might not be a great source of it.

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Oh did Kirk murder someone too?

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Fox News is influenced by advertisers boycotting. When it becomes an actual problem, shows get canceled or hosts get replaced. But Fox News gets a ton of viewers, so they still sell tons of ads.