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More and more articles are coming out saying it will be 18 months at least before we’re in the clear. Do you agree with this assessment? Even if we “flatten the curve” over the next 28 days, we still don’t have enough immunity to have this go away, which means it keeps coming back until we have a vaccine, which may or may not work, and will take 18 months at least to produce. So is this our life now?

Also, what do you think about the news going around about cures for coronavirus, such as Dr David Paterson in Australia and Didier Raoult in Marseille? I’ve seen everything from using Kaletra to Faripiravir to Raoult suggesting using Hydroxychloroquine with a z pak. The thing is, the US doesn’t have a lot of these drugs stockpiled and chloroquine is pretty toxic, and it will take 3 months to get clinical trial results so we’ll still be in the throes of it for some time.

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Why don't more journalists call out politicians on their bullshit? Most politicians flat out lie to the public, and no one holds them accountable. Is it a fear that they will be black listed?

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This is an excellent post and highlights a profound issue with OPs initiative (if it’s even a real initiative). The general public is not trained in helping people with profound mental issues. I am someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression for YEARS. I have probably collectively gone to 15 years worth of therapy. I basically have an informal training in therapy and mental health work. I had a friend who reached out during a breakup, I was there for them for a month straight, and then one day I didn’t respond properly and the person blew up at me and we haven’t spoken since. This is for a temporary, acute issue. what if this person was suicidal, and our interaction triggered them to suicide or other self harm? Only a trained professional should have to bear that risk.

This sounds like a terrible idea that was a knee jerk reaction to someone who may or may not have had good intentions, but I would not support it’s incubation in any way, especially since the founder is a 19 year old with no formal training.

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You didn’t really answer the question...

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Wait is this a subtle hint that you were actually the rib?