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When its hands were untied.

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It's something that everybody learns over time ;)

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This is pretty relevant as we've just had a new store open in town. If it's a brand new store, the manager will get half of the Crew Trainers from the other store and transfer them. This is to ensure that proper procedures are followed and what-not. On our first lot of trainings (about a week before the store opened) we had one Crew Trainer at each station teaching one person what to do. Within an hour, they'd all rotate and learn the next position. Then when the store is operational, we'd just rotate them around so that they become comfortable in each position.
Does that answer your question?

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So you've got the obvious perks of discounted meals and things like that, but one that people don't think of is it's actually kind of like a McFamily. I've met my best mates through Macca's.

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Becuase corporates a bunch of arses. Also, because I'm in New Zealand and unfortunately have no clue what you're talking about. Sounds nice though!