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As the parent of a child with a rare disease, thanks for highlighting World Rare Disease Day!

How do you deal with teachers/caregivers/etc who either cannot or will not understand the special needs of your child? Or is this not an issue you face?

Our particular issue has no externally visible signs, so it's a constant war to keep him healthy in school.

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Phenylketonuria, aka PKU. An inborn inability to process the amino acid Phenylalanine, so it requires a steadfast lifetime low protein (depends on the patient, but 5g a day for us) diet and special supplements.

The work of groups like NORD and government programs like the ADA and various medical food acts are incredibly helpful for us.

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Good advice I'd never buy a blade without testing it.

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I have a henckels santoku I don't love, I've liked some Gyuto style knives so that's where I'm leaning but I'll go try the wusthof Santoku as well.

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I use and love a lot of old Sabatier knives, I love the flat profile of the knife as opposed to some of the more rounded bellies of my German knives. However, I like the build and feel of more modern German knives. Is there a happy hybrid to be found?