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This is my poptart and it's fine

I'm where it spends the vast majority of its time

It's not perfect but it's mine

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Why would being critical of Trump, whether more or less critical than they are of Obama, mean being partisan?

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Swede pitching in (I, btw, think Tim is approx. 80% spot on, 10% misunderstanding/being misunderstood and 10% pissed concerning and in relation to Sweden, swedes and swedish media). I would say it depends on what he is complaining about, more specifically. It is a fact a LOT of the statements concerning violence and rape are severely overstated misunderstandings concerning statistics etc. It is also true, as Tim has found, that there are issues in certain areas with increased crime in different ways in different places. To have a serious discussion about crime in Sweden overall, we should probably both address those issues while at the same time not forget the overarching setting. Sweden is a lot more than Rinkeby or central Uppsala, after all.

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So, I'm a student in Urban Planning and interested in using the opportunites of internet to strengthen local bonds, democracy and citizen/municipality-interactions. For my Master's Thesis I'm thinking of looking at an app doing, or trying to do, things in this direction (e.g. 'Nextdoor').

This is probably a few population levels below your expertise and in general with quite a different focus, but do you have a suggestion for a paper or something to look at concerning democracy and/or disinformation issues that would apply for tech focused on neighbourhood organisation and socializing?

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Indeed. Relevant for this is that when there are guns involved in robbings, and the more guns are expected as part of the exchange, the quicker and more dangerous the escalation. The more dangerous things feel, the more trigger happy people ought to be.

As a desperate robber, you do not need to shoot someone who does not have a gun (unless the higher risk of getting caught when there is a witness combined with the high punishment even if you did not shoot anyone makes you even more desperate to NOT get caught in any circumstances), but you might want to steal a gun owners gun to sell illegaly.

The only thing obvious to me is that there is a need for stability, which will not happen as long as there are desperate people with guns, which I doubt will disappear as long as new guns show up and old guns stay around.