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Yes they can on 14 Nov 2007, my platoon hit an EFP 50 meters from the entrance to the green zone. Our lead vehicle got hit and the EFP cut thru the armor of the lead Stryker and killed my LT. The one my platoon hit was a 6 or 8 pack. About 60-80 lbs of shaped charges and HME (home made explosives). We did not know of a way to counter the effects of the EFP's but we devised ways to "slow" them down by outfitting our strykers with ballistic glass strapped to our slat armor and by lining the inner walls of our strykers with water bottles and kevlar blankets. I guess the theory was instead of losing our life, you would lose a limb. Don't know if those preventive measures worked but it made you feel a lil safer (kinda).

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I was in your regiment (4-2) and your brigade (you 1-5? me 3-21), part of the move from Lewis to Vilseck ,and I am proud that we have someone who can actually tell the tale of what really happened over there not the media's sensationalized view. Keep on keeping on man. Always Ready and Lancers.

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lol yea if you can't devise a way to fix something with 550 cord and 100mph tape then it is truly f*cked!