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  1. I asked this question to Mark, and I'll ask it to you. There's a stigma against playing Runescape. Many people remember it as "that silly game everyone played in middle school." I think the game has matured a great deal in the past few years, but the gaming community as a whole isn't very aware of the changes. What will be done about this?

  2. Much of the game revolves around grinding in one way or another. What is your take on grinding?

  3. Will we see another game in the Runescape universe, like a mobile game or an update to Armies of Gielinor? (This doesn't include a mobile version of RS, which we know is coming).

  4. As the game continues to improve, parts of the game that were once cutting edge will become noticeably outdated. How will Jagex avoid getting into a cycle of constantly improving a rapidly growing amount of content?

  5. Will the world events be "functionally identical" to each other? That is, will all world events wind up being two gods fighting over a piece of land, and players must collect divine tears for a chosen god?

  6. Why is Runescape a browser game?

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Of course Kerapac wants to kill Jas! He said it in the fourth dragonkin journal. "I will find a way to free the dragonkin from Your curse. We will remove the shackles You put in place and we will kill you."

I'd just like to say the dragonkin journals are my favorite piece of lore. The way the fourth one transitions to a threat to Jas is just... sexy. The mod who wrote it needs to get some Treasure Trail sweets.

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I have a few questions ranging from RuneScape in general to specific lore questions.

  1. Jagex has been putting higher production values in the most recent quests, but a large portion of players turn off the audio, play in minimum detail, and skip over the dialogue while using a guide. What do you have to say to these players?

  2. How has Jagex's attitude towards the lore evolved from when you joined until now?

  3. How much of the lore about the Wushanko Isles was already written versus written during the development of Player Owned Ports?

  4. What gods are worshipped in the Wushanko Isles?

  5. If the Stone of Jas was teleported away during Ritual of the Mahjarrat, is this the last we'll see of the Stone?

  6. Will Kerapac's plot to kill Jas be explored?

  7. What was so special about the three dragonkin in Ritual of the Mahjarrat? Wouldn't all of the existing dragonkin unite against the False User?

  8. Will the advancement to the year 170 be for all players or just those who have completed certain quests?

  9. How were the Lunar mages able to construct runecrafting altars in obscure locations like underneath Castle Drakan and the Temple of Light?

  10. In Legacy of Seergaze, there was a conspiracy to nullify the Edicts of Guthix. Will this be addressed in this year's world events?

  11. How long have the gods updates been planned? Are they some of the earliest ideas Andrew and Paul wrote, or something new?

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And the balance elemental?

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What are some things developers are able to do with NIS in future content that were impossible under the old system?

When I change the size of my browser window so I can watch Sesame Street and lectures on Abstract Algebra while training Sailing and Divination, the interface jumbles up. The old interface didn't have this problem because everything was so rigid. My solution is creating a setup specifically for a smaller window size. Will we be able to switch layouts without having to open the options menu? (like at the press of a keystroke) Or better yet, will the interfaces stop bunching up?

Will we able to have alternate skins for the interfaces?

In the old system, the adrenaline bar was a big focal point, and it was easy to use my peripheral vision to tell when I was able to use an ultimate ability. Now the adrenaline bar is much smaller and shares its space with 3 other status bars, making it harder to tell at a glance what abilities you can use. Thoughts?

Will Runescape ever evolve from a tile based grid map?

Are there definite plans for more "fundamental gameplay changes" like NIS and the Evolution of Combat? (Besides HTML5)

When we click the equipment button on the bank screen, will we be able to equip things without the bank closing?