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  1. We did a fundraising site like indiegogo but specifically for indie television and were able to raise $85K
  2. Understanding the television landscape and how rapidly tv development is changing. Also - discuss with the network what exactly they are looking for. The more you can tailer your idea to what the network wants, the better

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We didn't raise the 85,000 until the last possible minute. We found it doesn't matter how long your fundraising campaign is. You'll get your most money the first day and the last hour! For reals!

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They may have been inspired by us! haha Actually, we have been developing the show since 2012. We were all in a panic when netflix released Everything Sucks and is one of the reasons our show died on the network level

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Can we please just talk about Rampart!

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When we pitched the show - everyone wanted us to make a show about high school. But now, middle school content set in the early aughts is popping up everywhere. Networks are afraid to take risks on shows that A. don't have stars or B. aren't a classic formula