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I'm a bit confused on your relationship towards scorpions. Are they your favourite animal, or your most favourite animal?

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Advocating for Medicare for All will be one of my top priorities in Congress

How are you planning on paying for it? It’s easy to say you support it, but how do you plan on implementing it?

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I love the show and just wanted to know a bit more about where you get your ideas for your show? To go from child stars, to time travel, then to public shaming in three weeks are huge jumps in content, yet it all fits together well in the show.

Do you guys get input from Alex on whether or not it's internety enough, or is it really just left up to your discretion?

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I listen to every podcast except yours at 2x speed, but before I was able to slow it down I heard the intro where you said your name and the title, and it sounded like you said "Richard K Sherway."

Has anyone ever mess your name up that bad before?

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What do y'all think of the blowback on the traditional media from the whole Youtube interview thing? Hank Green brought up a good point about this current generation not seeing them with the same trust that our parent's generation had, and if anything it's been exacerbated in the past week by this whole Brian Williams thing. Even Obama acknowledged it in your interview with him.

Also, along those same lines, you've (along with Buzzfeed and Slate) have taken flack for your revenue models with sponsored content, native advertising and the like. Vox has been very clear about sponsored content, but other organizations don't always have that decency. Are you guys looking into other ways of funding the site, or are you pretty content with click-baity listicles to drive traffic and sponsored content paying for the more hardcore journalistic pieces?