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How much is a story, I think this would be a cool xmas gift? I have a friend semi divorced and pretty depressed, she loves fantasy. (husband refuses to sign the papers, I didn't know you could do that, seems like contempt of court) Anyway, a personal pr0n for her may get a smile.

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Hey, how ya doin!

I invented a dance for you! I was lighting director for Fla Ballet and my Bro was calling the show, asked me to check to see if the changes we did in rehearsal tracked through to the black out at the end of pas de quatre. This was in the 80's and computer boards were still kinda new, I clicked twice thinking I was in preview, but executed the cues and bam, blackout in the middle of the piece! (I hit back twice instantly) I told the girls I invented ballet for the blind! The paper blamed the blackout on the crappy electric we have here!

I don't have a question, just good luck and rock on!

Here is a blurry pic of one of the victims!


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I have been battling anemia and general feeling like crap for many years. My Creatine kinase is 1000 to 1200, my endocrinologist suggested trying carnitor. I was doing 5 a day and I think they were 330mg, no real improvement, at least 2 years. I spoke with a rheumatologist he didn't seem concerned at all about the test being 5X normal. I also have obstructive sleep apnea and lots of other issues, diabetic neuropathy (type 1) being one of them. I am eaten up with osteoarthritis. My question is does your field deal with issues of fatigue, muscles feeling weak? I am thinking of hitting up my sleep Dr to ask about chronic fatigue syndrome. A search didn't bring much for results in my area. I ask because my endo sent me to the rheumatologist, but said even if they could prove muscle disease by biopsy, they can't fix it. Same for what I've been reading about CFS.