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DimiDrake40 karma

Two questions:

How do you deal with the people who want to form a cult around you and follow you everywhere?

When you get to Irving Avenue in Brooklyn will you please stop and tell my son to please keep the noise down?


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Love ya', Bill, but when will someone update Disney World's World of Energy ride with you and Ellen? :-)

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Ok. Down to brass tacks. Do you think it's fair that you run against opponents who are handicapped by having only two kidneys? Or even possibly just one? And if so, are you doing the whole blind thing just to make it seem more fair?

DimiDrake3 karma

Should I ever feel safe buying any type of food item there, or should I just expect a trip to the emergency room after eating or drinking anything I buy?

DimiDrake3 karma

My father died of (organ failure brought on by) pancreatic cancer. Is pancreatic cancer something I have an increased risk of developing, compared to the general population of the U.S.?