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The Irish version of American mattress stores.

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I read Parmy Olsen's book, "We Are Anonymous".

Before reading it, I had no idea who they were or what had happened.

I think I learned a lot.

How accurate was the info I read?

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I've enjoyed your work since the 3rd Rock Days. And, you seem like a good guy who managed to keep it together while navigating the pitfalls of being a kid in Hollywood. Congratulations on your success. But, truth be told, my wife is the bigger fan between the two of us and would be super jelly if I were to tell her I had a one-on-one convo with you.

My question is - with all that in mind - How you doing, buddy?

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I have been on the road for 3 months now. I started in Maryland, drove to California. I stayed at the Slabs, and on the beach in Malibu. I have knocked out the lower half of the continental US.

Right now I am in Vegas.

I have an Annual Pass to the National Parks. Money is tight, of course. Getting work while in the road is next to impossible because all potential employees are assumed terrorists until cleared by a background check.

My plan is to knock out the 48 plus Alaska.

With all of this in mind. ...what tips, must-sees and cautionary tales do you have for a fellow traveler?

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Thanks for the response! And, congrats on another successful journey.

I too got hit in the Rockies. I was trying to make it to Manassa, CO to the Jack Dempsey Museum when some locals told me there was a storm coming across the pass. I turned south for New Mexico.

I assume from your blog named that you were inspired by Alex Supertramp.

I have picked up some pretty good tips from reading your responses to other questions. Thanks for sharing.

If you have any interest of reading the sardonic essays of an old man who is loving out his dream, please check out my blog...