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Digital_Shiba304 karma

No joking, is an honor to speak with the founder of the company that makes my favorite beverage, thank you for creating it.

I would like to ask, Are you aware (as a company) of the influence that you had (and have) on the creation of the aesthetics of the Vaporwave? Which is a music subgenre.

Digital_Shiba1 karma

I would like to thank you for creating a great beverage, it's my favorite and always brings me back good memories.

Also, I would like to ask, Is there plans to expand the flavors available in Mexico? There are so many that I would like to try.

Thank you for your time.

Digital_Shiba1 karma

Good afternoon Mr. Vultaggio, I would to ask if there is discarded flavor that almost made it to the market, and if so, Did it tasted good?