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Who is your favorite comedian right now, and who has had the biggest influence on you?

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My mom said it was "Kids In Silly Suits."

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You have my sympathies for what you've been through. I'm almost ashamed to admit that I have Crohn's. Not because of the inconvenient and sometimes embarrassing symptoms I have, but because the severity of my symptoms are a mere fraction of what you've been through.

At least the toughest part is in the past now. Best of luck to you with all that you do.

As for questions...

Can you eat anything you want now?

Do you have trouble absorbing nutrients and/or keeping a healthy weight?

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I tried to volunteer with NILMDTS as a retoucher. I sent a link to my site with several before/after examples of my work, and a brief bio. They sent me an archive image to retouch "as a test." The baby had some sort of skin condition and it would have required several hours of work before I would be happy with the results.

I'm a busy photographer and retoucher. I was willing to volunteer my time to a great cause, but I was not willing to spend half a day on a "test" image that was going to be discarded.

I emailed and reminded them that I do this for a living and there were plenty of example images for them to view and evaluate my skills, but that I didn't have time to spend on a test that wasn't really necessary. I never heard back from anyone.

Is that a standard request that you make of volunteer retouchers? Do you have tests for your photographers as well? Am I maybe just a jerk for not doing the test?

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Do you deliver several takes, and let the client choose which one they like?

What file types are your clients requesting?

What program(s) do you use for recording and editing?