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DieuDivin2 karma

a. Can smoking and bad habits cause a multisystemic immune system dysregulation, either causing inflammation in other organs or triggering some form of intolerance/allergy reaction (e.g. food intolerance).

b. How do you study long term effects of these habits on fish (or is that not a concern)?

c. How influential is cigarette smoking on immunocompetence, what parts are being compromised in our immune system?

d. Is there different kinds of inflammation or are we talking about the same thing every time inflammation is mentioned? What is exactly happening to our cells?

e. What (or who) influenced you to use zebrafish, as in, are you the first ones or is that common practice? Do you know if they're currently being used for other interesting experiments?

Lastly, thanks for your work and wish you the best on your research!

DieuDivin2 karma

I googled "zebrafish fluorescence imaging" and it does look fascinating, what a great endeavor! The subject is so complex that it must be hard to raise awareness and gather sufficient funding. I'm sure if your research is successful, it will open the floodgates!

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.