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I can't speak for others, but I can definitely tell you that all of my work somehow ends up being a reflection on the world I live in. My connection to Mexico is always part of what I do, which doesn't mean I cannot get inspiration in other countries. I don't think film has a nationality. It is the story that belongs to a context, but then if the team making the story can be as diverse as possible, that will bring a reacher result always.

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No, I'm a farm worker fan

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Hay una persona contestando las preguntas antes que yo y esto no esta bien. Estamos terminando la sesión por que esto no esta bien y no quisiera que ofendiera a mas personas. Gracias a todos por su tiempo.

There is someone answering the questions for me and offending people, and this is not right. I am going to finish the chat. Thank you all for your time!

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ahora solo estoy concentrado en la promoción de la película y la semana que entra empiezo una gira por Mexico con mi obra de teatro. el mundo tiene que saber que los trabajadores del campo merecen la atención y reconocimiento de los consumidores. César logro que su historia impactara a este país.

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Just wanted to let you know that DiegoMoon is not me. See proof here: https://twitter.com/diegoluna_/status/449655266787594240

Oaxaca is a lovely state, make sure you go to the city and then spend some time on the beach.