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Have you ever see A Clockwork Orange?

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And so, all you would need is to be given some kind of psychoactive drug at the same time, and then what happened in the movie is just like what happened to you. If this treatment occurred in the UK, then you would have received a massive payout for it and it would be big news for years, unless the treatment was religiously motivated. Brainwashing is kind of a big deal.

Were the hormone treatments administered at the same time as the photo/shock treatment?

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Is it ever kinda strange when you have to embalm the body of someone that, if they were alive, would be totally your type?

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For anyone who wants to write a novel for fun, but still have the novel be readable or enjoyable, do you have any tips or dummy books that you recommend? I've read a lot of those kinds of books, and one thing they all suggest is that you just keep on writing and reading, but my writing is crap.

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Is it possible or advisable to move to Japan without knowing any Japanese first? I kinda feel like Japan would be fun, seems to be a really cool youth culture up there, but I won't be youth by the time I get around to learning Japanese to spend a few months up there :(