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Thanks for doing a tough job. Ive been a 3rd party to an undercover operation. I used to work in a hotel and there was some drug dealing going on. The DEA had an undercover guy there for about 6 months. Got to know him as a dishwasher and an all around decent guy. My question is: There will always be "that guy" that is wrapped up in some nefarious stuff, but is harmless, wouldnt hurt a fly, and is just trying to get by and make a little extra by putting someone in touch with someone else...you prob know these guys too, how hard is it to look someone in the eye and tell them you are a cop and everything they confided, everything they said to you...will be in a court case? 2nd quest: Have you ever let someone know just before the bust? Gave them the heads up it was going down and to clear their shit up and GTFO?

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Cheers man. Hope you find some stability in your personal relationships and best of luck in your new career, whatever you choose. Peace