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DickInNostril12 karma

This has had obvious vote manipulation. Just like the paid for posts in the OpenCollectorsNetwork subreddit. Example here

Could not be more suspicious and this looks to be an obvious scam.

DickInNostril11 karma

How much did you pay for the votes on this post?

I can even see you're paying for people to comment in your own subreddit. Unless you're going to deny that THIS is a bot?

DickInNostril8 karma

Agreed. Check his history. All shill posts. Looks like this has been bot voted/paid for votes.

DickInNostril8 karma

You thought IAMA was a crypto oriented subreddit? Are you new to reddit? This post has OBVIOUSLY been manipulated with bot or paid votes, which is completely against site rules. Looking at your post history it seems ALL of your posts are attempts to shill your highly suspicious project.