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During your time with the Soviets what was the hardest misconception they had toward you? I mean was there like a subject you tried to explain to them but they just didn't understand due to their own viewpoint.

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Does it feel good to burp, fart, yell profanities and vent anytime you want?

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Devils advocate but this is really shady. I might be going to hell for this but I urge people to use caution. I mean you are risking with your own money here people.

1) The reasoning seem a little off, a little too all-in. An orphanage is such a crucial establishment that it should contact Kiev or anyone from the government. You can't seriously rely on internet sites to get money and risk with the lives of 116 people. Nothing mentioned here of any other plans.

2) It triggers a lot of scam flags, bad grammar, urgency so people wouldn't fact check, a constant call for action and appeal on emotion.

I am probably going to be downvoted to oblivion but this really seems shady, maybe provide a video, or proof of some kind. The pictures don't really connect the events described to the pictures.

I mean I get the story and I get how desperate one might be but on the other hand it just begs for more proof. There are bad people on the internet and it takes 1 scam to ruin people contributing to realistic causes.

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So mr.brain guy, what are some good exercises to train ones memory to remember better? Don't tell me to do Sudoku.

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What is the silliest propaganda you have heard from a pro-separatist and pro-Kiev sided person? Like what silly propaganda they have come to believe?