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I used to put my boots at the bottom of my bag. The problem I had though, was that the TSA agents at an airport sent it through a scanner even though it was checked baggage. I got shit for putting them at the bottom since they had to dig the boots out (They were steel toe). I had to repack my entire bag.

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Whats up with me that i always have to have mock conversations in my head when things never turn out that way? I also can never sleep with complete silence and I have a minor fear of mirrors in dark rooms.

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Do you sometimes experience phantom limb syndrome? If so, is it disorienting when you can "feel" the limb but you cannot see it?

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A few questions.

  • How heavy are the blades+Hub? I figure they can't be too heavy or the wind won't budge it, but too light and the blades will snap or they'll go too fast. I imagine the bearings supporting the shaft must be under intense stress.
  • Is the actual turbine inside the top or is there a reduction gear system involved that links to the bottom?
  • Does the entire windmill ever move from the strength of the wind pushing against the blades?
  • What's that bulge in your lower lip in your gallery? A dip?